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We’re a group of passionate, systematic, and experienced individuals.

Our partners, team, and clients are at our core – For this reason we deliver great work.

Our team has been building in the digital space for over 13 years. We’ve been working with platforms like iPhones SDK ever since it’s inception.

We’re a collective of scientific strategist, programmers, designers, and success managers from all avenues of life. We’re also parents, friends, millennials, foodies, athletes, and adventurers with a smile.

Metellus Group believes in hiring very talented and proven people in the business. Learn more about our core values below.

Connecting passion and technology

Builders & Investors

Metellus Group is a US based startup studio with offices in NYC and Brooklyn, NY. We invest in technology organizations led by management teams. Our management team contributes professional expertise and matrix style support towards a companies maximized potential.  Our investment approach is lead by long term capital, extensive experience in technology based transactions, and proven management principles that yield a scalable and profitable opportunity.

Diversity is a strength

Our Approach

Our hybrid investor/builder approach brings a focused engineering-like value creation process. We utilize best practices through the cross pollination of information, and proven operational strategies across the the groups ecosystem.

We believe there is a strong market opportunity for investing in SaaS, enterprise software, and technology enabled businesses. Our success factor is anchored in a relentless drive for operational excellence, conservative capital, and proved execution capabilities.

Connecting passion and technology


Our core focus has been the mobile software industry since its inception in 2007. We look to invest and build startups that cure real customer pains. We seek to build long term sustainable opportunities in select target markets. This includes companies creating proprietary solutions for licensing, SaaS, and mobile tech-enabled businesses. We believe aspects within the software business model can be predictable and highly profitable.

Diversity is a strength

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in an operational investment strategy with the goal of adding scalable value to our portfolio companies. Each company has access to our networks operational and financial expertise. Our goal is to work closely with management teams to understand and develop high performance benchmarks through proven operational practices. We believe aspects within the software business model can be predictable and highly profitable.

Connecting passion and technology

Investment Features

-Mission Critical Solutions

-Management Team

-Strong Customer Value Proposition

-Favorable Customer and Market Dynamics

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