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About Us

Hey there, welcome to Metellus Group, where we’re rewriting the rules of software development. Say goodbye to the old-school hassles and hello to a future where coding is optional.

With our all-inclusive monthly subscription, you can unlock unlimited development requests. Yep, you heard that right – unlimited. Just hand over your designs, shoot us your requests, and watch as we work our magic to bring your ideas to life.

No fuss, no headaches, just pure innovation. That’s the Metellus Group way. Ready to see what we can do together? Let’s make it happen!


It’s the ultimate solution tailor-made for startups and businesses alike.

Join us in shaping the future of AI, software, and automation development. Let’s revolutionize the way you bring your ideas to life!

Cut Expenses

Say goodbye to overspending on pricey or inexperienced developers. We'll handle the high ROI development tasks while you stay laser-focused on growing your business.

Boost Efficiency

Bid farewell to sluggish progress with faster project cycles and fewer meetings, turbocharging your development process by up to 4 times.

Ensure Quality

Maintain top-notch development standards by reducing miscommunication and inconsistencies through effective project management.

Who its For

For Startups

Are you eager to create your own software?

Traditional coding methods can feel sluggish, cumbersome, and resource-intensive. At Metellus Group, we harness the power of no-code development, allowing us to build MVPs in a fraction of the time and cost.

Swift MVP Prototyping

Transforming Ideas into Production-Ready Software Faster Development Timelines

For Businesses

Craft Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Unlock a realm of streamlined operations like never before. Utilizing AI and No Code to redefine your business, from personalized tools and task automation to an array of other innovations. Tailored Dashboards, CRMs, Internal Tools AI-Powered Chatbots (Support & Lead Generation) Seamless Integration across all your platforms

How It Operates

Bid farewell to the tedious onboarding procedures typical of agencies. Just subscribe, input your project particulars, and witness us initiate and deliver your initial task within 72 hours.


1. Schedule a Consultation

Let's discuss your business... Arrange a consultation with us to delve into your business, project concept, and refine your vision. We'll assess your existing systems, outline actionable steps forward, and address any inquiries you may have regarding our services.

2. Subscribe and Input Your Project Details

Let's get your Project Management Board ready... After subscribing, input your project details onto your Trello board. This entails uploading designs, detailing functionality, and furnishing all necessary information to steer the development process. Rest assured, we'll assist you in setting up your project board accurately.

3. Establish Your Project Tasks

We generate your tasks and arrange Weekly Sprints. We dissect your project particulars into actionable development tasks. Subsequently, your developer will establish a weekly 'Sprint' cycle, consisting of numerous tasks scheduled for completion by week's end. Each task completed during the week will be flagged for review.

4. Request Unlimited Revisions

After task review, mark it as complete... We'll revise each task until you're completely satisfied. Upon your approval of a task, we proceed to the next. Each week, a fresh sprint will be generated, comprising new tasks. Any unfinished task from a previous sprint will seamlessly roll over into the new sprint.

5. Monitor and Oversee Your Progress

Witness the transformation of your idea into reality... Just log in and monitor your project's advancement via Trello. We've simplified the process of reviewing tasks, assigning revisions, adding comments, accessing links, and sharing new details with your developer. We acknowledge that development requirements may vary. Hence, you can pause your subscription during task lulls and resume when needed.


Our Creative Portfolio
From vibrant visual graphics to sleek user interfaces, our creations tell a story of innovation and precision.

Our Specialty

We haven’t merely revolutionized software development; we’ve made it accessible, streamlined, and cost-effective. Traditional coding methods are a thing of the past.



SaaS Development

Build Your Own Software Business! We transform your wireframe designs into sturdy and intuitive applications using, perfectly tailored to match your project specifications. Just share your concept and project particulars, then witness our developers breathe life into your idea.

Tailored Business Solutions

Transform your business by crafting bespoke solutions or effortlessly integrating all your internal tools into a personalized, unified dashboard. Create your own systems like CRMs and Business Management Tools, meticulously tailored to suit your business needs. Elevate this further with our Artificial Intelligence offerings.

Tailored AI Solutions & Automations

Create personalized AI and Automation solutions designed for your business. Leverage the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to streamline daily tasks and revolutionize operations, from Sales and Lead Generation to Customer Support and more. Our AI solutions seamlessly integrate into your business's everyday applications, ensuring adaptability and compatibility with your current systems, paving the path for smarter, more efficient workflows.

Flexible Subscription Model

Opt for the convenience of a monthly subscription, providing the flexibility to suspend your plan during lean periods and resume when the workload picks up again. Say goodbye to contracts or long-term commitments typically associated with traditional agencies.


Immerse yourself in the swift realm of No Code development, accomplishing projects up to 5 times faster, with your inaugural task finalized within 72 hours.


SaaS Development

Get your software application MVP developed faster than ever. Speed is your ally.

Artificial Intelligence

Create both simple and advanced AI applications using Large Language Models.

Business Management

Craft your own custom internal business management application

Custom CRM Systems

Tailor CRM systems for your business, eliminating the need for 3rd party apps.

API Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your software or system with nearly any 3rd party application.

Custom AI Chatbots

Construct custom knowledge-based AI chatbot systems adaptable to various use cases.

App Design (UI/UX)

Design visually stunning UI/UX wireframes for your software application and branding assets.

Custom Websites

Develop unique and visually appealing websites perfectly aligned with your brand.

Workflow Automation

Streamline your business processes by automating repetitive tasks and workflows with AI.

Chrome Extensions

Build simple to advanced Chrome extensions that seamlessly integrate with your app or stand alone.

App Design (UI/UX)

Design visually stunning UI/UX wireframes for your software application and branding assets.

Software Maintenance

Let us handle your software upkeep, from bug fixes to changes and even additional features.

Integrate Your Company's Existing Tools

Recognizing that every business possesses its distinct identity, Metellus Group tailors AI solutions to seamlessly align with the specific needs and attributes of your organization.

Speed, quality, and cost usually require compromises with external development teams, but not with Metellus Group. From the start, they delivered excellent work, on time and within budget. Their support was vital during our MVP build, and we've received loads of compliments on our product's design from customers and investors.
Arthur C.
Metellus helped us design and develop an MVP for a product using Bubble, and within a few months, we secured a seed round for the company. They’ve been fantastic partners in creating roadmaps and are incredibly skilled at building fast, efficiently, and beautifully. I highly recommend them, 10/10.
Zach N.
Metellus and Bubble were fantastic during our initial launch phase. Using low-code allowed us to hit the ground running and get started quickly.
Ryan J.

Development Schedule

Creating remarkable solutions isn’t merely about going through the motions—it’s about adhering to a stellar game plan. Discover our phases of product development.


Phase #1 - Exploration

The journey to exceptional products is paved with a meticulously structured approach. At Metellus Group, we establish our scope upfront, ensuring alignment of vision, ideas, and timelines. For businesses, we conduct an in-depth examination of your current workflows, processes, tools, and objectives to identify areas ripe for enhancement. Drawing from this analysis, we present tailored solutions that cater to your exact requirements and specifications.

Phase #2 - Design

Do you want to know where the real magic unfolds? Right here in our design stage! This is where we craft your branding package and application wireframes, laying the foundation for an experience and design that will leave your users raving.

Phase #3 - Development

Now, it's time to dig in and get things moving. We combine your fantastic ideas with our polished designs, and before you know it, we've crafted real, functional products in record time! Say goodbye to never-ending coding marathons and tedious project management—our approach is all about speed and efficiency.


One subscription, endless opportunities. Our pricing structure is as transparent and simple as it gets.

With a straightforward, flat monthly subscription fee, unlock boundless access to our No Code software development solutions. No surprises, no extra costs. You have complete freedom to cancel or pause your subscription whenever you wish.

Experience limitless requests,

 revisions, and tasks. That means we’ll keep at it until you’re completely satisfied with our software solutions.


$ 5995
  • 1 Active Sprint Weekly
  • Assigned Developer
  • Unlimited Task Requests
  • Unlimited Revision Requests
  • Designated UI/UX Designer
  • Assigned Project Manager
  • Bi-Weekly Development Meetings
  • Option to Pause or Cancel Anytime

Double Time

$ 9495
  • 2 Active Sprints Weekly
  • Two Dedicated Developers
  • Unlimited Task Requests
  • Unlimited Revision Requests
  • Designated UI/UX Designer
  • Assigned Project Manager
  • Bi-Weekly Development Meetings
  • Option to Pause or Cancel Anytime


Who's the ideal client for Metellus Group?

Metellus Group is the ideal partner for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes seeking to develop software or enhance their operations with advanced technology. We recognize the challenges of hiring a full-time developer—the time-consuming process of vetting candidates, the high expenses, and the risk of skill set mismatches.

Instead, Metellus Group offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution. We grant access to a vast pool of multi-talented developers, meticulously screened for exceptional skills and diverse expertise. This enables you to leverage high-quality development skills without the overhead of a full-time salary, saving you significant resources.

But that’s not all. With our robust project management system, creating new tasks and tracking progress has never been simpler. Just input your requirements and monitor progress in real-time, ensuring your project stays on track. Therefore, if you’re seeking to optimize your business, enhance your digital landscape, and do so in a budget-friendly manner, Metellus Group is your optimal choice. Let us manage the intricacies of software development while you concentrate on scaling your business.


Why wouldn't I simply employ a full-time developer?

Great question! Hiring a full-time senior developer can be expensive, with an average yearly salary surpassing $120,000, along with additional benefits costs. Moreover, the recruitment process can be protracted and arduous. What’s more, your workload may vary, resulting in periods when you don’t have sufficient tasks to fully engage a full-time developer. With our subscription agency membership, you exclusively pay for the development work you require, relish the flexibility to halt or resume your subscription as needed, and sidestep the financial strain of an underutilized in-house developer.

Is there a cap on the number of tasks or projects I can manage?

Through our subscription service, you have the freedom to add or modify as many tasks in your queue as necessary. Our team consolidates multiple tasks in your queue and transforms them into weekly “Sprints”. Tasks within a sprint are accomplished within the week, and each week initiates a new sprint, consisting of fresh tasks. Every task in a sprint undergoes a “Review” process upon completion, ensuring it meets your standards before progressing.

However, only one project can be active at any given time. Once your project is finalized, you can initiate a new project within your existing subscription. If you desire to undertake multiple projects simultaneously, additional subscriptions will be required.

What's the typical timeframe for completing a development task?

The completion time for your software hinges on the intricacy of the task at hand. Typically, most task requests are finalized within a speedy 24-72 hours. Nevertheless, more intricate tasks might necessitate additional time for completion.

You’ll likely be monitoring weekly “Sprints”, which consist of numerous prioritized tasks tackled by the developer within the week. Any tasks still in progress at the end of the sprint will seamlessly transition into the next week’s sprint.

How It Operates: An active project is dissected into crucial components known as “tasks”. Multiple tasks are then curated into a weekly sprint, representing 3-6 tasks slated for completion within the week. The quantity of tasks designated to a sprint varies depending on the complexity and specificity of your request.

Here are some project timeline examples:

‍Large Projects (4-6 Months): “Create an extensive CRM dashboard + AI Chatbot for a business”

‍Medium Projects (2-4 Months): “Develop a SAAS platform offering copywriters an advanced AI text editor”

‍Small Projects (1-2 Months): “Establish a fundamental AI Chatbot System”

Please bear in mind that these are generalized examples, and the number of tasks may fluctuate based on request complexity. Our team is committed to delivering top-notch work, and we’ll provide ongoing updates on your project’s progress throughout the development journey.

What if I'm not content with the software solution?

No need to fret! Your satisfaction is paramount to us. If you’re not pleased with the software solution, we’ll continue revising it until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.

What occurs if I don't require development work for a particular month?

Should you not require any work during a particular month, you have the option to pause your subscription and resume it when our services are needed again. There are no penalties or additional fees associated with pausing your subscription.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Given the high-quality nature of our work, refunds will not be issued once a Task is active and in progress.



Easy peasy. Just hit pause if you’ve got fewer design needs. Your billing cycle is based on a 31-day period, so any unused days are banked for future use.


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